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History of Himachal Pradesh is no different from the history of the Country. Since ages Himachal Pradesh remained interwoven to the events of history for this hilly region had always been attracting the invaders for its unparallel hospitality, salubrious environs, adventurous life and rich natural wealth. Himachal Pradesh and its people did experience the rule of aliens, witnessed the advent of Muhammadans, suffered the expeditions of Gurkhas, conquests of Sikhs and establishment of the colonially imperialistic rule of the British Raj and were also governed by native rulers who had left behind themselves a voluminous past which was scattered all over Himachal Pradesh and even beyond which became imperative for the historians to show their propensity to gather such historical material for the posterity as well as to form the exclusive expressions of the history of the State. Resultantly the post-independence period was marked with the need to house these historical records.

Indian Independence, a boon showered upon the Nation by the martyrs and the patriots, hurried the implementation of democratic system and by virtue of which Himachal Pradesh was carved out as the 18th State to the Indian Union on January 25th, 1971. This statehood status to Himachal Pradesh certainly looked for divulging and exploring its history for which the astute leadership of the Chief Minister Sh. Virbhadra Singh could strike the silver lining for archival pursuits. Hence, no time was wasted to recover the deteriorating scattered historical evidences.