No. Title Author Year View
B-026250 Gipsy Languages Siddheshwar Varma 1978
B-026251 Munda and Dravidian Languages Siddheshwar Varma 1978
B-026252 Dardic or Pisacha Languages Siddheshwar Varma 1978
B-026253 Sindhi, Lahnda and Panjabi Siddheshwar Varma 1978
B-026254 Bhil Dialects and Khandesi Siddheshwar Varma 1978
B-026255 Budgeting System in Himachal Pradesh Government Departments Atma Ram Sharma 0
B-026256 Handbook for Supervisory Officers Not Mentioned 1994
B-026257 The Academy of Fine Arts Golden Jubilee Not Mentioned 0
B-026258 Unknown Pahari Wall Paintings in North India K.C. Aryan 1990
B-026259 Kala Mela Not Mentioned 1982
B-026260 Kathe Kollwitz Not Mentioned 1969
B-026261 The Eight Nayikas Ananda K. Coomarswamy 2000
B-026262 Mask in collection of the Indian Museum Dr Mita Chakrabarty 0
B-026263 Aabhar Not Mentioned 0
B-026264 Kala Samaya Samaj Not Mentioned 1979
B-026265 Central Civil Services Temporary Service Rules 1965 P. Muthuswamy 1965
B-026266 Dearness Allowance Ready Reckoner with effect from 1-7-95 Not Mentioned 1995
B-026267 Income Tax on Salaries 1987-88 P. Muthuswamy 1987
B-026268 The Himachal Pradesh Land Reveune Act 1954 Ravinder Thakur 1982
B-026269 Compilation of Punjab Civil Services A. Bhel & S. Kumar 1979
B-026270 Leave Travel Concession P. Muthuswamy 1974
B-026271 Contributory Provident Fund Rules P. Muthuswamy 1974
B-026272 Official Manual Not Mentioned 1996
B-026273 Compilation of Constitutional Provisions of the Official Language Not Mentioned 1976
B-026274 Compilation of Central Civil Services Leave Travel Concession Rules P. Muthuswamy 1995
B-026275 Pension Compilation incorporating Central Civil Services Pension Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 2000
B-026276 Brochure on Reservation Instructions for Members of Scheduled Tribes/Backward Classes Etc in Services Not Mentioned 1986
B-026277 Reservation in Services for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Not Mentioned 1980
B-026278 H.P. Manual on Establishment and Service Matters Not Mentioned 0
B-026279 Instructions Regarding Reforms in the Structure of Budget and Accounts Not Mentioned 1973