No. Title Author Year View
B-026280 The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 Not Mentioned 1986
B-026281 Budgeting System in Himachal Pradesh Government Departments Atma Ram Sharma 0
B-026282 Handbook for Clerks Not Mentioned 1994
B-026283 Handbook for Assistants Not Mentioned 1994
B-026284 Integrated Rural Development Programme and Allied Programmes of Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment (Trysem) and Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (Dwcra) Not Mentioned 1987
B-026285 Rules Regulating the use and Maintenance of Government Vehicles and Conditions of Service of Drivers in HP S.K. Duggal 0
B-026286 E-Gov 2.0 Jaijit Bhattacharya 2012
B-026287 Dearness Allowance P. Muthuswamy 1987
B-026288 Employees's Provident Funds Muthuswamy & Brinda 1995
B-026289 Himachal Pradesh Lok Abhilekh Adhiniyam, 2006 Not Mentioned 2006
B-026290 Punjab Revised Allowances A.C. Behl 0
B-026291 The Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 1 Not Mentioned 2005
B-026292 Commentaries on Societies Registration Act, 1860 Vijay Malik 1985
B-026293 The Right to Information Act, 2005 Not Mentioned 2010
B-026294 The Himachal Pradesh Tanancy and Land Reforms Act, 1972 Not Mentioned 1988
B-026295 List of Medicine (Admissible and Inadmissible) Muthuswamy & Brinda 1992
B-026296 Temporary Service Rules 1965 Not Mentioned 1965
B-026297 List of Medicines P. Muthuswamy 1978
B-026298 Swamy's Annual 1999 Compendium on Service Matters P. Muthuswamy 1999
B-026299 Financial Handbook No 2- The Himachal Pradesh Financial Rules, 1971, Vol II Not Mentioned 1971
B-026300 Precis and Drafting including applied English Grammar and Solved S.A.S. Papers Jain & Jairath 1975
B-026301 Executive Secretary's Handbook Pauline Engel 1972
B-026302 Income Tax Guide 2002-03 Sh K.B. Lal, Smt Om Vali, Sh Vipin Behari 2002
B-026303 The Himachal Pradesh General Sales Tax Act, 1968 Man Mohan Khanna 1987
B-026304 Acts & Rules Relating to Department of Languages and Culture Not Mentioned 1986
B-026305 Confidential Report of Central Government Employees Muthuswamy & Brinda 2012
B-026306 Swamy's Pay Rules Made Easy Muthuswamy & Brinda 1992
B-026307 4th Fourth Himchal (Punjab0 Pay Commission Recommendation Not Mentioned 1997
B-026308 Salary Readyreckoner Not Mentioned 1989
B-026309 Third Pay Commission, Punjab Government Revised Pay Rules 3rd Amandment 1990 Not Mentioned 1990