No. Title Author Year View
B-026310 Financial Handbook No 2 S.K. Duggal 1987
B-026311 The Himachal Pradesh General Sales Tax Rules, 1970 Man Mohan Khanna 1987
B-026312 Official Manual Not Mentioned 1973
B-026313 The Compulsory Deposit Scheme Acts of 1974 Not Mentioned 1974
B-026314 Income Tax Guidelines for Employers Employees Suresh Kumar Goyal 2002
B-026315 Swamy's Compilation on Re-employment of Pensioners Muthuswamy & Brinda 0
B-026316 Swamy's Compilation of the Fundamental Rules and the Supplymentary Rules, Part Ii P. Muthuswamy 1974
B-026317 B-I Test Guide Not Mentioned 1993
B-026318 H.P. Service Rules A Compendium S.K. Duggal 1991
B-026319 Mulbhut purak Niyam, Part II, Yatra Bhatta J.P. Sri Vastva 2008
B-026320 Office Organization and Management M.C. Shukla & S.S. Gulshan 1973
B-026321 The Indian Contract Act (Act No IX of 1872) Not Mentioned 0
B-026322 Government of Himachal Pradesh, Department of Personnel Not Mentioned 1986
B-026323 Duggal's Compilation of the Supplentary Rules S.K. Duggal 0
B-026324 Swamy's compilation of House Building Advance Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 1995
B-026325 Compilation of Central Civil Services Leave Travel Concession Rules Atma Ram Sharma 2012
B-026326 Compilation of Central Civil Services Travelling Allowances Rules Atma Ram Sharma 2012
B-026327 Fundamental Rules and the Supplementary Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 1994
B-026328 Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates Not Mentioned 2015
B-026329 Hand Book on Recruitment Promotion and other Service Matters, Vol I Not Mentioned 1986
B-026330 Raksha Sevaon Mein Rozgaar Not Mentioned 1988
B-026331 Careers for Secondary/ Senior Secondary School Leavers Not Mentioned 1992
B-026332 Careers in Petroleum Industry Not Mentioned 0
B-026333 Bhavan Nirman udyog mein Vavsaya Not Mentioned 1990
B-026334 Swamy's Pension Rules Made Easy P. Muthuswamy 1986
B-026335 Swamy's Handbook 2003 for Central Government Servants Muthuswamy & Brinda 2003
B-026336 Swamy's Handbook 1996 for Central Government Servants Muthuswamy & Brinda 1996
B-026337 Behl's Salary Readyreckoner Not Mentioned 1988
B-026338 Mohindra Dearness Allowance Ready Reckoner with effect from 1-1-1990 Not Mentioned 1990
B-026339 The Himachal Pradesh Admiistrative Service Rules Not Mentioned 1985