No. Title Author Year View
B-026520 Sohni Mahival Not Mentioned 2003
B-026521 Baba Farid Not Mentioned 2003
B-026522 The Income Tax Act Not Mentioned 2012
B-026523 The Right to Information Act, 2005 Not Mentioned 0
B-026524 Vetanbhogi, Kardata-Samasiyan aur Samadhan Not Mentioned 1993
B-026525 Prashasnik Vidhi Dr Umapatidas Kesri 1990
B-026526 Standardised Ready Reckoner Pay Tables Not Mentioned 1974
B-026527 General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 2000
B-026528 Swamy's List of Medicines Muthuswamy & Brinda 1994
B-026529 Income Tax on Salaries 1997-1998 Muthuswamy & Brinda 1997
B-026530 Income Tax on Salaries 2000-2001 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2000
B-026531 Income Tax on Salaries 2018-2019 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2018
B-026532 Swamy's Master Guide to F.R. & S.R. Service Rules and Finance Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 1999
B-026533 Income Tax Law and Practice V.P. Gaur & D.B. Narang 2001
B-026534 Brochure on Reservation for Secheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Services Not Mentioned 1975
B-026535 Civil Service Regulations Lakhi Singh Chaudri and Satya Chaudri 1986
B-026536 Swamy's Handbook 2015 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2015
B-026537 Swamy's Handbook 2016 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2016
B-026538 Swamy's Handbook 2017 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2017
B-026539 Swamy's Compilation of the Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules, Part II Muthuswamy & Brinda 2015
B-026540 Income Tax Guidelines & Mini Ready Reckoner 2008-09 and 2009-10 Not Mentioned 0
B-026541 Manual of Office Procedure Rules Parliamentary Procedure Rules and Guide for Office Procedure J.P. Shrivastva 2007
B-026542 Swamy's Compilation of the Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules, Part II Muthuswamy & Brinda 2019
B-026543 C.C.S. Medical Attendance Rules, 1944 Not Mentioned 2008
B-026544 Sansdiya Sarvochatiya aur Mool Adhikar Neeraj Shrivastva 1997
B-026545 Income Tax on Salaries 1989-1990 P. Muthuswamy 1989
B-026546 Income Tax on Salaries 1996-1997 Muthuswamy & Brinda 1997
B-026547 Income Tax on Salaries 2006-2006 Muthuswamy & Brinda 2005
B-026548 Income Tax Guidelines & Mini Ready Reckoner 2002-03 and 2003-04 Not Mentioned 2002
B-026549 Swamy's Compilation of Conduct Rules Muthuswamy & Brinda 1992